Purify - Parasite Cleanse

Exclusive Master Herbalist Formulated!
The ORIGINAL Powerful Formula (based on the effective time-tested ancient recipe).
The 100% Natural Whole-Body Comprehensive Cleanse.
Naturopathic Doctor Recommended & Trusted.

A More Complete Natural Cleansing Solution For Parasites!
Begins working immediately... starting from the very first use.
All-in-one formula helps your body combat both small & large parasites.
Designed to help address the life-cycle of parasitical invaders.
Including the adult form, intermediate, and the eggs stage.

This same original formulation is now available in two (2) liquid formats: easy to swallow drops, or convenient liquid veg caps.

From the wisdom of ancient Mediterranean & European herbology.
100% Natural -- Certified Organic & Wild-Harvested Ingredients. 
The safe & natural blend - Containing NO controversial or potentially dangerous herbs (like Wormwood or Senna).
Considered by many to be the foremost natural cleanse available, featuring ALL twelve (12) essential active herbal ingredients.

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