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Why is Nutritional Supplementation Important:

Nutrients are substances which are necessary to sustain life. They must be obtained from food as they are either not made in the body at all, or are not made in sufficient quantities for growth, vitality and well-being. A deficiency of a particular nutrient can cause disease symptoms which can only be cured by that nutrient. It is impossible to sustain life without the essential vitamins and minerals. Yet in modern times, our soils have become anemic and our food has become impure. In short this means we can no longer get the nutritional elements we need from our food. We must consciously supplement our daily intake of food with the lacking nutritional components, or poor health and disease are certain resultants.

What Nutrients Do:

Nutrients have many functions and influence the health of every organ in the body. The combination of essential substances such as vitamins, minerals, proteins and enzymes brings about certain life-sustaining chemical reactions. Individual nutrient components have specific functions which vary widely and can overlap. They are involved in growth, the ability to produce, the maintenance of health, and the basic functionalities required to sustain life. However our soils and foods are not what they used to be. The over-farming of the soils, the un-natural implementation of growth hormones, the hybriding and genetic altering of foods, and the general decline of the nutritional awareness of the modern diet have all lead to the nutritional epidemic that plagues the modern world.

What Can Be Done About It?

It is with great pride that we offer the following selection of nutritional products. We believe the following products to be the absolute best in their field.

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Through these selected products, we are providing families across North America (and their pets) with universal answers to complicated and often frustrating health challenges. Unparalleled in the industry, The LifeTree.com is informing people everywhere to the benefits of better health and nutrition through innovative problem solving and time-tested herbal wisdom. Browse through the above links to learn more about these exciting products or powerful combination kit cleansing health solutions.

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