Heavy Metal Detox (HMD)

    1. Heavy Metal Detox (Liquid Tincture) 4 fl. oz - 30 Day Supply.
    2. HMD™ is the ONLY proven effective, safe, 100% natural, and doctor recommended oral chelation detox formula on the market. It's not only the balance and preciseness of the natural ingredients, but unlike other products in the marketplace, HMD™ is PROVEN by clinical studies to effectively work safely and naturally!
    1. Made exclusively with Certified Organic and Wild Harvested Ingredients:
    2. Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF)
    3. Chlorella Homaccord
    4. Cilantro (Leaf)
    1. Shake well before using.
    2. Take 10 – 15 minutes BEFORE meals and mix with a little water or fruit juice to taste.
    3. Adults: 45 drops, 3 times daily before meals in juice or water.
    4. Sensitive individuals can start on a lesser dosage – you may begin with one drop, 3 times a day and increase this dose each day by one drop until they have reached the optimal dose.
    5. Make certain that you are drinking at least 8-10 glasses of mineral water (or filtered tap water) daily – more if you are living in a hot climate, to help flush out the toxins.
    6. Do not take during pregnancy. Keep out of reach of children.
    1. GMO Free.
    2. Made in a GMP certified facility.
    3. Made in the USA.

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The Premiere All-Natural Heavy Metal Detox

HMD -- The First All-Natural Remedy Proven in Scientific Clinical Research, To Effectively Eliminate Toxic Metals From the Body Through Oral Chelation With NO Side-Effects!

HMD™ has proven itself to us to be the most effective natural oral chelation product that we have ever found. It's not only the balance and preciseness of the natural ingredients, but unlike other products in the marketplace HMD™ is PROVEN by clinical studies to work safely, naturally, and effectively!

We live in a toxic world. Every day we are exposed to hundreds of toxic metals and chemicals, such as mercury, lead, aluminum, food additives, pesticides, industrial waste, the list goes on. Heavy metal poisoning and chemical toxicity leads to the accumulation of toxins in our tissues and organs causing nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, neurological disorders, and, can even lead to autoimmune disorders and other debilitating chronic conditions.

HMD™ is truly unparalleled in its safety, potency and effectiveness as the premier heavy metal detox product!

$1 Million Double-Blind Placebo Controlled Study Performed over 3 years on over 350 participants!

HMD™ is the only natural, patent-pending, toxic metal chelator in the world to be backed by a 3-year, double-blind, placebo controlled study with 350 people working in a metal foundry. There were many trials conducted over this 3-year period that shows conclusively that HMD™ works effectively at eliminating all excess metals; including Aluminium, Antimony, Arsenic, Beryllium, Cadmium, Lead, Mercury, Nickel, Thallium and Uranium without removing the good, essential minerals from the body.

Q:   What is in the HMD™ Heavy Metal Detox product?

HMD™ is a 100% natural, proven synergistic formulation:

Homeopathic Chlorella Homaccord
The chlorella is made into a is made into a homeopathic homaccord of different potencies. The combination of natural ingredients creates a powerful synergy that mobilizes and then helps eliminate the toxic metals from the body without side-effects. The natural way!

Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF)
CGF is a nucleotide-peptide green alga complex that plays a synergistic role in the chelation of metals and has been proven in recent research to also eliminate chemicals/xenobiotics as used in HMD. CGF derives its name because laboratory tests indicated that the addition of CGF to a standard growth medium increased the growth of beneficial friendly bacteria, lactobacillus, by up to 400%. In addition to its powerful chelation abilities, CGF has alson been shown in various research studies to have many other benefits:
--- Stimulates growth of all cells.
--- Builds and modulates the immune system.
--- Liver protector and regulates liver and kidney functions.
--- Improves cellular efficiency and integrity.
--- Helps to detoxify xenobiotics.
--- Quick recovery from exercise and disease.
--- Mitigates some side-effects of chemo and/or radiation.
--- Can lower blood sugar levels.
--- Combats damaging free radicals.
--- Enhances production of interferon.
--- Accelerates and enhances the re-growth of damaged tissue.
--- Activates cellular functions and increases metabolism.
--- Activates protein synthesis and normalizes fat metabolism.
--- Increases growth of beneficial bacteria in colon up to 400%.
--- Enhances RNA/DNA functions for energy at cellular level.
--- Helps you to resist the effects of premature aging.
--- Strengthens and improves hair, skin, and nails.

Cilantro Leaf
Cilantro (Coriandrum Sativum) has been well researched as a beneficial activator to support and facilitate the prevailing function of the detoxification process - safely and naturally. The organic Cilantro leaf tincture used in HMD™ is made by a master herbalist through a percolation process to assure purity, potency and essential oil content for the ultimate health benefits.

Don't trust your health to unproven, unnatural, or side-effect causing heavy metal detox products!

In scientific double-blind, placebo controoled trials HMD™ has shown to eliminate aluminum, antimony, arsenic, cadmium, lead, mercury, nickel, uranium, and numerous other toxic metals WITHOUT side-effects and WITHOUT removing essential minerals from your body.


Aluminum (Al):
Accumulates in the brain, muscles, nerves, liver, lungs, bones, kidneys, skin, reproductive organs, and stomach.
Common sources: Antacids, Alum, aluminum cans, aluminum foil, cookware, animal feed, baking powder, beer, buffered aspirin, ceramics, cocoa, cigarette filters, construction materials, cosmetics, zeolite, dental amalgams and dentures, deodorants, lipsticks, nasal spray, medical compounds/prescription drugs, milk products, pesticides, processed flour, table salt, tobacco smoke, toothpaste, vaccines, vanilla powder, water (municipal), and more...

Arsenic (As):
Primary areas of distribution are the liver, kidneys, lung, spleen, aorta, skin, hair, and nails.
Common sources: Animal feed, antibiotics, auto exhaust, commercial chickens, colored chalk, fungicides, herbicides, household detergents, industrial dust, insecticides, marine life (primarily fish and shellfish), rat poisons, wallpaper dye/plaster, wine, water (municipal & well), and more...

Cadmium (Cd):
Concentrates in the kidney, liver and various other organs. Cadmium is considered to be more toxic than either lead or mercury.
Common sources: Dental alloys, batteries, cadmium vapor lamps, candy, ceramics, cereals and grains (refined), cigarette smoke, coffee and tea, colas, electroplating, fertilizers, fungicides, incineration of tires, rubber, plastics, marijuana, milk, ocean fish, oysters, paint pigments, pesticides, pipes (galvanized), polyvinyl plastics, processed foods, rubber carpet backing, rust-proofing, silver polish, solders (canned foods), tools, vending machine soft drinks, welding material, water (municipal, softened & well), and more...

Lead (Pb):
A cumulative toxin that is retained in the central nervous system, kidneys, brain, glands, hair, muscle, and primarily in the bones.
Common sources: Bone meal, car batteries, canned fruits, ceramic glazes, cigarette smoke and ash, utensils, auto exhaust, lead gasoline, hair dyes, insecticides, lead crystal dishes and glassware, refineries, smelters, water pipes, lipstick, mascara, milk, evaporated milk, organ meats, lead-based paints. pesticides, produce (near roads), PVC containers, rainwater, snow, solder, tobacco, toothpaste, toys, wine, water (municipal & well), and more...

Mercury (Hg):
Concentrates in the brain and kidneys, but also in the lungs, central nervous system, red blood cells, liver, muscle tissue, and gall bladder.
Common sources: Adhesives, air conditioner filters, antiseptic creams, batteries, body powders, broken thermometer, cosmetics, dental fillings/amalgams (50% mercury), dairy products, diuretics, electrical wiring and switches, fabric softeners, farm animals, flourescent light bulbs, polishes, fungicides, industrial wastes, laxatives, mercurochrome, municipal incinerators, paints, pesticides, pharmaceutical drugs and ointments, photoengravings, produce, processed grains, psoriatic ointments, seafood, sewage disposal, skin lightening cream, tanning leather, tattoos, vaccines, and more...

The World Heath Organization (WHO) has calculated that the average human daily dose of mercury is:
      Dental Amalgams = 3.0 - 17.0 ug/day
      Fish & Seafood = 2.3 ug/day
      Other Food = 0.3 ug/day (inorganic Hg)
      Air & Water = Trace amounts

More and more data suggests that mercury leeching from dental fillings may produce high levels of toxin overload in the body:
--- Milk from mothers with 7 or more fillings was found to have levels of mercury approximately 10 times that of amalgam-free mothers.
--- Even before nursing, babies are born with heavy metals as these are rapidly transmitted through the placenta to the fetus.
--- Researchers have shown that chewing gum can double mercury levels in the blood, and triple the levels in urine for those that have amalgam fillings.

Heavy Metals appear in humans because they have become part of our environment. We are in a constant exchange with our environment which is goverened by the laws of osmosis. If mercury is in the fish we eat, over time we have mercury in our system. We cannot keep our system pristine and clean, because we are seperated from our toxic environment only by semi-permeable membranes: skin and mucosal surfaces. Maintaining relative cleanliness requires a number of inherent detox systems to work overtime against the osmotic pressure of the incoming toxins. As the toxicity of our environment increases so does the osmotic pressure, pushing the often man- made poisons into our body.

Toxins almost never come alone. They come in synergistically acting package-deals. Mercury alone is toxic. Together with zinc it is many times more toxic, add in a little copper and silver, as in dental amalgam fillings and the detrimental effect to the body increases many-fold. Together with Mercaptan and Thioether (dental toxins) the toxic amalgam effects grow exponentially. Add in a little PCB and dioxin, as in fish, and the illness causing effect of the methyl mercury in fish increases many-fold. Toxicology is to a large degree the study of synergistic effects. In synergy 1 plus 1 = 100. Heavy metals are primarily neurotoxins. There is a synergistic effect between all neurotoxins which is responsible for the illness producing effect.

HMD™ has been clinically shown to successfully eliminate lead, antimony, arsenic, cadmium, mercury, nickel, uranium and other toxic metals without eliminating essential minerals.

In scientific clinical research using the "gold standard" double-blind, placebo controlled trial with 350 people, it was shown that after only a 12-hour provocation with HMD™ there were many heavy metals eliminated in the post-urine and feces samples compared to baseline (figures are expressed as a % mean increase):

--- Antimony - 45%
--- Arsenic - 7,409%
--- Bismuth - 564%
--- Cadmium - 67%
--- Lead - 483%
--- Mercury - 448%
--- Nickel - 80%
--- Uranium - 707%


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I tell what toxic metals I have in my body?
A: Through your doctor, most labs can accommodate a heavy metal element test. Additionally there are certain tests on the market that can give an indication of the amount of metals in the body: hair elements (toxic metals & essential minerals); urine toxic metals; and fecal metals.

Q: How do I know that HMD™ actually works?
A: HMD™ is the only natural, toxic metal chelator in the world to be backed by a 3-year, double-blind, placebo controlled study with over 350 people. Additionally we encourage interested individuals to have independent heavy metal lab analysis' performed by their Health Care Practitioner before, and then after taking the program to compare the results.

Q: How long should I take HMD™?
A: We recommend three months initially and one month annually thereafter. Heavy metals are known to come out in layers; and one series will be quite effective, as proven in our research. As we are constantly being exposed to toxic heavy metals in the air we breathe, food, water, amalgram fillings, and many other sources - we can never completely free ourselves of all toxic metals. Therefore a periodic cleansing and detoxification program is beneficial to our health and well-being.

Q: Does HMD™ remove beneficial vitamins, minerals, and trace elements?
A: Unlike many other competitive products in the marketplace, testing has shown this is not the case with HMD™ due to the natural vitamin, minerals and trace elements contained in HMD's Chlorella Growth Factor and Cilantro.

Q: Is HMD™ effective at removing mercury?
A: Absolutely! Test trials have shown about a 440% increase in mercury in the post-urine sample compared to the pre-urine sample after only 12 hours and with just one dosage of HMD™.

Q: Is HMD™ expensive?
A: HMD is one of the most affordable natural heavy metal chelators on the market, even though it has undergone research that cost in excess of $1 million.

Q: Is HMD™ safe for everyone?
A: Unlike other heavy metal detox products, HMD™ is considered safe to take in all age groups and does not have the side-effects normally associated with other synthetic or chemical chelating agents. HMD™ can therefore be taken over long periods of time if desired, for gentle continuous elimination of toxic metals without eliminating essential minerals. For best results, HMD should initially be taken for a minimum of 3 months.

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