Cleanse FX - Colon Cleanse

    1. Cleanse FX (Colon Cleanse / Bowel Re-Educator) 60 Veg Capsules - 30 Day Supply. 
    2. Cleanse FX was created to naturally assist in the body's digestive process. Supports proper colon function so that waste matter and undigested food does not become trapped in the gastrointestinal tract. Cleanse FX is an extremely effective, yet gentle cleanser; formulated to naturally help cleanse the bowels as well as assist in strengthening & re-educating the colon back to normal function and health. Containing absolutely NO depleting, irritating, or habit-forming ingredients... such as Psyllium, Senna, or Cascara Sagrada. 
    3. Formulated to gently cleanse and help regenerate natural colon function without harsh or abrasive ingredients, and without creating a dependency on the product, like many other colon cleanse products.
    1. Proprietary blend of herbs formulated to cleanse and purify:
    2. Flax Seed (Linum usitatissimum)  600 mg
    3. Cape Aloe Leaf (Aloe ferox)  300 mg
    4. Rhubarb Root (rheum sp.)  300 mg
    5. Marshmallow Root (Althea officinalis)  100 mg
    6. Slippery Elm Bark (Ulmus rubra)  100 mg
    7. Triphala  100 mg

    8. CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS:  (Read Prop65 notification)
    1. Shake well before using.
    2. SUGGESTED USE: Take one to two capsules with 8 oz of water before bedtime.
    3. If you are pregnant, nursing, or taking medications, consult your healthcare professional before using this product. Keep out of reach of children.
    1. GMO Free.
    2. Made in a GMP certified facility.
    3. Made in the USA.

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The 100% Naturally Effective (Yet Gentle) Colon Cleanse

Formulated to gently cleanse and help regenerate natural colon function without harsh or abrasive ingredients, and without creating a dependency on the product, like many other colon cleanse products.   And also very importantly... you will NOT be chained to the toilet (as with bowel irritant products); you will always remain in control.

What Makes CleanseFX the Superior Colon Cleanse?

Simply said... it's in the results! Our mission is to comb the globe in search of the 'best of the best' 100% natural herbal products. CleanseFX & GenEssential Fiber have proven themselves to us to be the most effective colon cleanser/re-educators that we have ever found. It's not only the balance and preciseness of the herbal mixtures, but all of the ingredients are also organic in composition and purity - making CleanseFX & GenEssentials Fiber truly unparalleled in its potency and effectiveness. No fillers & no additives - only the purest, highest-grade natural ingredients are used!

Herbology as an ancient science has been tried and proven throughout time. It has only been recently that the American culture has tried to capitalize on this time-tested wisdom. Unfortunately, many of today's herbs and supplements are missing the key factor that governs it's success: and that is balance! The truth of the matter is that unbalanced herbal combinations may actually be harmful to your body. It is not only the purity and combination of herbs that makes his recipes so effective, but it is also in the ratio of these herbal components. It has been called by some 'the science of ancient herbology'!

Even in the industrialized nations of the world, almost everybody has some kind of health problem. If you were to poll your family members, your friends, the people you work with, and ask them about their health or how they feel - you would find that almost everybody has some kind of ailment or condition. Some people may fight daily with small nagging problems, while other people battle serious degenerative health challenges. Yet we go on day by day thinking that poor health is a normal part of life.

It seems to go against common sense - despite the fact that we are living in an age of technology, sickness and disease still runs rampant. Despite all of the research into vitamins, nutrition and diseases the health of the average North American is deteriorating. We may be living longer, but by most estimations we are not living healthier. How many people do you know that seem to be always getting sick? How many people do you know that consistently battle against chronic fatigue and a lack of energy and vitality? How many people do you know that have serious health problems?

What has caused this problem? Many experts have various opinions, but two of the most common factors comprise of problems within the digestive system - and the prevalence of parasites within our bodies. Most people recognize that parasites exist in developing countries, but few realize that the parasitic epidemic is also here in North America. Likewise the average person does not think it is unusual or problematic to have a bowel movement only once a day, once every second day, or once every few days. But yet these conditions are slowly robbing us of our health and vitality.

Problems with the digestive system are among the greatest and most dangerous, but yet relatively ignored, problems within the western countries. Chiefest among the problems are directly related to the large intestines. Most people are not aware how dangerous autointoxication caused from irregular bowel movements and a sluggish colon are to their health. Dr. Bernard Jensen, D.C., Ph.D. states, "The definition of regularity is 2-3 bowel movements per day". The Royal Society of Medicine of Great Britain has published the shocking revelation, "More than 65 different health challenges are caused by a toxic colon."

A very important factor to a properly functioning colon is for it to be able to first absorb nutrients, and second to remove the waste materials from our body before it can poison us. If this matter is not properly removed, autointoxication (the re-absorption of toxic waste) can begin. It does not take long for putrefied waste to absorb through the colon wall into the bloodstream and to begin to cause damage to the other organs as well. Most people think that they do not have a problem with their digestive system, but in actuality a healthy person should be having a bowel movement 2 - 3 times per day. For each meal we eat; we should have one meal out. Due to improper diet and the consumption of junk food, very few people have a normal functioning colon. This is so true that Dr. Harvey Kellog has made the comment, "Of the 22,000 operations I personally performed, I never found a single normal colon."

Dr. Norman Walker, D. SC., PhD., also said, "Not to cleanse the colon is like having the entire garbage collecting staff in your city go on strike for days on end. The accumulation of garbage in the street creates putrid, odoriferous, unhealthy gases which are dispersed into the atmosphere."

Another respected physician, Dr. Bernard Jensen states: "Imagine what would be the result of a pump failure in a city's sewer system. What would happen if the pipes got all plugged up with some unmovable material so that the system failed to move waste? It wouldn't take very long before a crisis developed and a huge sanitation problem would threaten health and society."

Dr. Norman W. Walker, D.SC., PhD. offers the following insight: "Few of us realize that failure to effectively eliminate waste products from the body causes so much fermentation and putrefaction (rotting of waste matter) in the colon that the neglected accumulation of waste can, and frequently does, result in a lingering demise! Infirmity and sickness is the result of allowing the intestines to remain loaded with waste matter."

According to Dr. Bernard Jensen, "The digestive system can only hold 2-3 meals at one time. If you're eating 2-3 meals a day, you should be eliminating at least that often."

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Laxatives Are Potentially Harmful To You...

Laxatives are designed to stimulate the bowel in the efforts to excrete more mucous materials. In actuality, laxatives do not correct the real problem... but instead they make it worse. By irritating the bowels to expel materials, they are not promoting the natural function of the colon muscles - but are instead assisting in the deterioration of the sensitive intestinal membranes. Laxatives can be extremely habit-forming, and over time will cause the colon to become weaker and lazy.

In addition, prolonged usage has been shown to cause dependency - making the bowels sluggish and resistant to functioning on its own. The result is instead of strengthening your colon, it will actually make it more dependant on the continued usage of the product to maintain regularity. CleanseFX & GenEssentials Fiber are a balanced herbal blend - containing no chemicals, or bowel irritants whatsoever. CleanseFX & GenEssentials Fiber are not laxatives, but rather a 'bowel toner/re-educator/cleanser'.

The Hidden Problems With Bulk-Formers

Bulk forming products are as ineffective as laxatives in promoting proper colon health. They operate by increasing bulk to forceably induce a bowel movement. Instead of strengthening the colon to function on its own, they instead artificially create pressure to force waste matter out. The fiber in these kinds of products do not play a positive role in your long-term colon health, as they do not strengthen your intestinal muscles or teach them to function normally. In addition, fiber products which increase the bulk of the stool only make your stool softer, and also do nothing to promote normal regularity. These methods merely perform a band-aid fix to the real problem and in essence make you become more dependent on their continued usage.

But fortunately there is a natural way to break the cycle...

CleanseFX & is a herbal recipe specifically balanced to return the colon to normal function. CleanseFX helps to correct colon dysfunction by cleansing and re-educating this important part of the body. It aids the body in restoring its ability to eliminate properly, thus ending the cycle of autointoxication. The bowel regains normal function, and is able to expel toxins from the body in a timely fashion. By doing this it also improves the body's ability to properly absorb nutrients.

Read the Labels: There are 3 ingredients commonly found in most bowel cleansers that many Herbalists and Naturopath Doctors agree should NOT be part of your healthy cleansing regimen: Psyllium, Senna & Cascara Sagrada!

Senna Information:
Also Known As: Cassia Senna, Cassia Acutifolia, Cassia Augustifolia.
Senna Safety Concerns & Restrictions - Do NOT use senna or products containing senna for longer than 7 consecutive days, without consulting your doctor. Taking Senna longer than 7 days can be dangerous and could cause harmful damage to your colon. Do NOT take senna or products containing senna if you are pregnant. Children should NOT take Senna products without doctor approval. Use of Senna or products containing Senna, for longer than 7 days may cause the following: Severe Cramps, Bloating, Abdominal Pain, Electrolyte Imbalance, Bloody Diarrhea, Nausea, Rash, Liver Toxicity, Urine Discoloration, Swelling of Fingertips (in rare cases).

Cascara Sagrada Information:
Also Known As: Rhamnus Purshiana Bark, Sacred Bark.
Cascara Sagrada Safety Concerns & Restrictions - Cascara Sagrada should NOT be taken for longer than 7 consecutive days. Excessive use of Cascara Sagrada can cause your colon to become dependent on it's use, and you will only be able to have a bowel movement with the assistance of some form of laxative.

Psyllium Information:
Also Known As: Psyllium Husk, Plantago Ovata, Ispaghula, Ispaghula Husk, Psyllios
Psyllium Safety Concerns & Restrictions - When used in small-doses, psyllium can be relatively harmless. However, if used excessively psyllium could cause damage to the bowels. Do NOT take psyllium or products containing psyllium husks if you suffer from Diverticulitis or Diverticulosis. If you suffer from diabetes, you should only taken psyllium under close supervision of your doctor. It is possible for psyllium to lower the blood sugar levels in the body, therefore, your glucose levels should be watched closely. Additionally, if adequate water is not consumed while tasking psyllium, it is very possible you may become constipated. Always consult with your doctor before using psyllium as part of your dietary regimen.

Fortunately, NONE of these controversial ingredients will be found in either of the CleanseFX or our Fiber supplemental cleansing formulations. GUARANTEED! This is our commitment to you and your health! The naturally safe and effective way to cleanse & strengthen your intestinal health.

Rejuvanated health and well-being may be achieved through the usage of herbal knowledge.

Stop and think for a moment!
We know for an absolute fact that our body has been designed for the most part to naturally restore itself. For example - we take it for granted that when we cut our finger, it is completely healed in two to three weeks. Now, just exactly what did we do to achieve this wonderful phenomenon?


We may have kept the area clean, but the body has the miraculous ability to repair itself in many circumstances. However, in order to allow the body its full potential to mend itself, two major roadblocks should be cleared first. These hindrances include pollutants and parasites.

The herbalist wisdom that formulated these recipes realized what was happening in the body generations ago. Through time they refined the recipes and passed this knowledge down from generation to generation, and are available to us today. Fortunately in modern times, we too are starting to understand just how easy rejuvanated health and well-being can be on a continuous basis through natural cleansing supplements. These remarkable cleansing products may assist in exactly that - remove the roadblocks so that your body can optimally perform its normal functions.

Personal Testimonies:

"It's amazing how much my health has improved since doing the 90 Day Detox program. Many of the health challenges, allergies, and lack of energy that had plagued me for so many years is now gone. I recommend that everyone should do a detox cleanse."
K. Gregor   (*Note: results may vary from person to person)

"I had incredible results in just one month on the colon and parasite cleanse. I had no idea about the damage that chronic constipation and parasites can do to your body. I always thought that one bowel movement a day was normal, but I quickly learned otherwise when on the first day of using Cleanse FX I had regular bowel movements. I had used other colon cleanses before but never with these types of positive results. I was amazed at the strips of impacted fecal matter and large amounts of mucus that I passed. The results I got on the parasite cleanse were just as dramatic. In the first week I passed a lot of pin worms, and then over the next several weeks continued to pass a variety of other parasites including flukes and three tapeworms 4 to 6 inches in length. It was shocking to see aa these things pass pass out of my body because I had done other parasite cleanses in the past, but had never actually seen parasites expelled before. The improvement in my health was very dramatic. In the first month alone I lost 17 lbs., was free of chronic back pain that had plagued me for several years, completely eliminated the pain in my hands and knees, and noticed that my food sensitivities began to miraculously disappear. By the second month I was completely rid of the horrible PMS symptoms that I suffered with for one week out of every month - including irritability, severe mood swings, bloating, and very painful cramps. Thank you so much for these wonderful products... I feel ten years younger!"
K. Banek   (*Note: results may vary from person to person)

"I just wanted to take the time to thank you for your Cleanse FX product. I had literally suffered for years with chronic constipation and bloating, and had to take laxatives for years just to stay regular. But this natural formula did the trick in helping my colon return to normal. I'm no longer taking anything, and my bowels are now regular. Thank you ever so much for this uniquely effective product. No other product was able to do this for me."
S. Reynolds   (*Note: results may vary from person to person)

"Ever since I have been on the products, I have had a tremendous surge in energy, stamina, and mental clarity. Even while on holidays and not eating or sleeping right, I have felt very good, with a constant feeling of well being and alertness. These are the most effective products I have ever taken. You notice the difference right away, not in weeks or months. Also, my son has lost 60 pounds in a 3 month period since being on these products. I guess this is one of the positive side effects of cleansing and rebuilding. He is a brand new person, both in appearance and attitude."
M. Vouk   (*Note: results may vary from person to person)

Once we truly understand that one of the single greatest challenges our body faces is the effective removal of wastes and toxins, we will never again undermine the importance of frequent, high quality, bowel movements. Once the colon has been cleansed, and is functioning at its optimum efficiency, the absorption of nutrients is also maximized. The longer your body is exposed to putrefying food in your intestines, the greater the risk of developing disease. Everyone would greatly benefit with doing a full bowel cleanse at least once per year, with ongoing colon maintenance when necessary. The Cleanse FX & GenEssentials Fiber recipe are 100% natural, and formulated to assist the natural functions of your body in restoring itself back to a natural state of health.

How to use CleanseFX:

-- Take 2 capsules daily, with 1 or 2 glasses of water for the full 30 days.

-- Take before bedtime or one hour after a meal.

-- If on medication, take it 2 or 3 hours before or after taking the medication.

-- The amount required may vary considerably from individual to individual. Ideally you should have at least two bowel movements daily. Periodically you may need to temporarily alter the number of capsules to achieve this. If required, increase your amount every few days until you achieve the desired results.

-- Can also be used by making it into a tea. Empty one capsule into pre-heated water and let stand for 1-2 minutes. Add honey to taste if you find it too bitter and a sweetener is desired.

-- You'll find that as your bowels get stronger you will need to use less over time.

-- As with any cleanse, be sure to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water per day.

-- As with all cleansing & detox products, pregnant & lactating women should not use CleanseFX without health practitioner or doctor approval. Always consult a health practitioner before usage with children.

-- Unlike many other cleansing programs, the CleanseFX is gentle enough not to be an inconvenience; but yet are extremely effective. Some cleansing products work so harshly on the body that you really do need to stay within close proximity of a restroom for hours or days at a time. CleanseFX is not this obtrusive; but rather is specifically designed to promote, cleanse and re-educate the colon back to normal function... without the abrasiveness of the many bowel irritants on the marketplace today.

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