Kakato - Natural Prebiotic Sweetener

    • All-Natural High Fiber Sweetener. (Net weight 30 oz / 852 g)
    • Kakato™ natural sweetener is the sweetener to replace all other sweeteners.
    • A natural, nutritive sweetener that has low glycemic index, low calories and no sugar alcohols. It is so good you won't believe it's not sugar.
    • Kakato™ is a pleasant tasting natural prebiotic fiber sweetener. It has a pleasant mouthfeel, is friendly on the digestive system, and contains 0 grams of sugar. Use in coffee, tea, cereal, smoothies, and more. †
    • Use to replace table sugar - wherever you would use sugar. 
    • Great tasting, with no after-taste.
    • Low glycemic index.
    • ALL-NATURAL:  Made exclusively with natural, non-genetically modified ingredients. 
    • Made without ANY sugar alcohols, including Erythritol and Xylitol. 
    • NO artificial sweeteners or ingredients of any kind. 
    • Supports digestive health. 
    • Kakato™ sweetner is a natural prebiotic that promotes the growth of healthy digestive flora.†
    • No preservatives - Teeth friendly - Heat stable. 
    • Kakato™ sweetener is the best tasting fiber sweetener. †
    • Superfood Fiber Proprietary Blend (30 oz / 852 g):  Made with Tagatose (lactose free, dairy derived sweetener), IMO (short chain fiber), Stevia Extract, Monk Fruit Extract and Natural Flavor.
    • Use Kakato™ to replace high fructose corn syrup, sugars, stevia, and other sweeteners. Add to your coffee, oatmeal, shakes, drinks, cereals, and tea to sweeten them. Kakato™ is great to use in baking mixes, jams, jellies, and anything else that needs some sweetness.
    • Kakato™ looks like sugar and tastes amazing, but without all the negative drawbacks that come from sugar or artificial sweeteners.
    • Add to drinks, to smoothies, or anywhere else sugar or artificial sweeteners are used.
    • Store in a cool, dry place with lid closed.
    • Keep away from children.
    • All-Natural
    • Artificial-Free
    • Filler-Free
    • Sucralose-Free
    • Sugar Alcohol-Free
    • Psyllium-Free
    • Erythritol-Free
    • Dextrose-Free
    • Fructose-Free
    • Aspartame-Free
    • Gluten-Free
    • Non-GMO
    • Low Calorie
    • Low Glycemic Index
    • Made in the USA

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Finally, a Natural Sweetener You Won't Fell Guilty About!

Soluble Fiber Benefits:
-- Improves overall gastrointestinal health.
-- Improves overall digestive health.
-- Helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels within normal range. -- Helps maintain helathy cholesterol levels within normal range.

The proprietary ratio of soluble plant fibers were developed to reduce sugar content and G.I. distress. This soluble dietary fiber blend provides superior binding properties and mouth feel for a variety of goods. Further, this great tasting fiber blend can be tolerated at higher usage rates making it ideal for a natural sweetener.

Prebiotic Benefits:
-- Stimulates the growth and/or activity of friendly bacteria in the colon.
-- Promotes the growth of Lactobacilius Rhamnosus GG (LGG) and L. Casei in the large intestine.

Tagatose Benefits:
-- Reduce carbohydrate absorption (small intestine) - Inhibits carbohydrate degradation to glucose.
-- Reduction of blood glucose level (liver) - Promotes glucose transfer to glycogen and reduces the blood glucose levels. -- Inhibits Streptococcus mutans and bacteria that contribute to tooth decay. -- Similar sweetness profile to sugar.


The soluble fiber in Kakato is derived from NON-GMO plant material and produced by a highly controlled natural enzyme conversion of starch molecules.

• Pleasant Mouth-feel and Flavor Enhancement
• Helps with Constipation with Browning Effect
• Satiety support (Helps make you feel full!)
• Bulking Agent (Reduce Flour and Sugars)
• Better Gut-Tolerance and Other Fiber
• Prebiotic with Natural Sweetness
• Helps with Mineral Absorption

• Anti-Hyperglycemic with Low Glycemic Index: 3
• Similar Sweetness and Profile with Sugar
• Prebiotic and Flavor Enhancer
• Non-Tooth Decaying

• Originated from the plant species Stevia rebaudiana
• Up to 150 times the sweetness of sugar

• 300 times sweeter than sugar
• Manufactured through a natural extraction process

A variety of natural sources used to balance the flavor profile of the blend of ingredients in Kakato.

Personal Testimonies:

"Love Kakato! It saves us so much sugar consumption. I use it in my pies, cakes, and cookies and no one can tell the difference! Thank you for this wonderful product."
- Kimberly P.   (*Note: results may vary from person to person)

"A great substitute for diabetics. This is my second canister, I’m very pleased with the taste."
- Celia L.   (*Note: results may vary from person to person)

"Excellent sweetener! A great alternative for sugar."
- Annette S.   (*Note: results may vary from person to person)

"I love this and use this in everything, including baking."
- Marilyn D.   (*Note: results may vary from person to person)

"Of all the natural sugar substitutes that I have tried, this is the absolute best tasting."
- Lorraine C.   (*Note: results may vary from person to person)

"Great product that doesn't spike your blood sugar. You don't need to use a lot, and no weird lingering after taste. A little literally goes a long way."
- Christina C.   (*Note: results may vary from person to person)

"I am really liking this product! I developed an allergic reaction to erythritol so I was looking for a replacement that tasted as good. Kakato has stevia in it, but so thankful that it lacks the bitter aftertaste that stevia alone has. Thank you so much."
- Geoffery H.   (*Note: results may vary from person to person)

"Love this stuff. I put it in my coffee every morning. So much better than sugar."
- Carla K.   (*Note: results may vary from person to person)

"The best tasting sweetener ever."
- Michelle D.   (*Note: results may vary from person to person)

"Bakes good and tastes good. A lifesaver for a diabetic with a sweet tooth."
- Julia D.   (*Note: results may vary from person to person)

"This stuff is great. We have tried many sugar free sweeteners and this is by far the best."
- Michael Q.   (*Note: results may vary from person to person)

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